Details & Info

To commemorate the departure of a co-worker, often I’ll be asked to create an illustration demonstrating fantastic things about them.

In the case of Steve Smith, things got a bit weird, but then again he’s an incredibly interesting person. First, he’s a retired tanker and I was asked to illustrate a joke he made when he was first hired at AM General, about how the HMMWV wasn’t a tank and his “confusion” surrounding his hire. “Pucker-Up” is a reference to the name a band he front-manned until moving out west. Steve is somewhat bombastic and absurd person who I admire greatly.

So I began transforming him into a caricature of his already larger than life persona.

Steve had numerous legendary stories with him at the center of it all. One I felt most compelled to illustrate was when he suffered a heart attack on the toilet. The clincher (*rimshot*) was when the EMT’s refused to administer aid until he had ‘finished up’.

In the case of Willie, we knew him for a much shorter period of time, so there was a training component to his hire. But he was a fantastic guy and we wanted to send him off on a good note. I also had a much shorter amount of time to figure out how to illustrate him than I did the others (about three hours). The “Ω (Ohm) is where the Heart Is” line was one of those weird, successful puns that ‘just popped in there’ at the last minute, and elevated the piece into something I’m more proud of then I have any right to be.

Client AM General Military Training