Today Casey Purvis and Vision 1 Music gave me final approval on some new, and dare I say stunning, album artwork from their latest album, Sonic Box.

Sonic Box is a new collection of licensable music for film or television and can be previewed on Vision1Music’s SourceAudio page.

As for the design, I’ve tried to stick to the rivers and lakes that I’m used too, focusing on bold colors and playing matchmaker between form and abstraction. We always hope their union will give birth to some sort of structure. Which of course we can always plan for. With grid guides. Because that’s basic graphic design planning. My metaphor has gone off the rails. Now I’m mixing my metaphors. Like a DJ of cakes.

I’ll stop now.

You can visit Casey and Richard’s website, Vision 1 Music here.

To view other album artwork I’ve created for Vision 1 Music, you can check out the portfolio entry where I’ve dedicated space to all the album covers we’re most proud of.


Portfolio Update

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