This week I’ve posted nine new images to my Flickr photostream.

This batch deals with little/big life moments. Whether spotting baby bunnies in my yard while mowing my lawn, the eruption of blossoms of zinnias in my garden this spring, or rare moments where my family comes together for the first time in years. While the family photos are a few years old now, I found myself thinking of them quite a bit following a somewhat spur of the moment trip down south to visit some of them this past weekend.

What strange revelation will our hero (that’s you) unearth on this week episode of Andrew Kirksey’s Flickr Friday Adventure Extravaganza Bonanza?!?

Perhaps: my potentially unhealthy preoccupation with macro photography?

Definitely: A reason or two not to invite me to your party. (I love candid shots.)

Anyway, click the link above to find out  more and… If you find yourself enjoying what you see, be sure to login to your flickr (if you have one) pop it a heart or a like or whatever flickr calls it. Have a great weekend, and if you see me at any parties and I’m rocking my DSLR, hide behind something.


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