I admit it. Over the last several weeks I’ve been pulling photos out of my extended library of photography in order to perhaps develop some sort of routine habit of social media engagement.  Well, this week, I’ve finally posted some photography that’s contextually appropriate for this time of year.

Excuse me while I pat myself on my back.

The outcome: some of the plants and landscapes hold a distinctly romantic fall flavor. What I wanted? Animals, doing things, in warm colors on cool days.

Hopefully, in the near future I’ll truly able to compile a photo album entitled: “birds with problems”. That day isn’t today. As the little lingering hints of this past spring and summer continue to fold themselves up and are put away for the cold part of the year, I can at least hope for soon.

Various critters doing seasonal things, like taking risks in the open, should become more common. With a little luck, I’ll catch those suckers.

I expect moving forward context will reign supreme. This does seem to play better within the flickr community itself. Anyway, I’ll attempt to keep pace. Or I’ll start digging back in the archives because I can’t be bothered to buy a decent set of boots once winter truly sets in.

But yes, the Flickr Community.

What even is the Flickr Community?

I’ve not yet been able to determine if the platform itself is just poorly integrated with social media, or if it’s incredibly insular. Perhaps it’s merely sparsely populated at this point, owing to the fallout of the collapse of it’s parent company, Yahoo.com.

Either way, the #FlickrFriday tag doesn’t seem to get used all that often on Twitter, my search results seeming to point to last August being when anyone used it, but then again I didn’t account for any strange filters or various presumptive relevancies the platform might imbue my searches with.

I’ll figure it out eventually. Have a great week everyone. My Flickr Photostream can be viewed here.

I should probably start adding watermarks to these things.


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