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Andrew Kirksey

Creative Direction, Design, Illustration & WordPress.

I’m a Print Design / Production expert. I also develop responsive WordPress websites.

I currently write, illustrate, and design training manuals for defense contractor AM General. I pitch in with their corporate creative direction from time to time.


Vector Illustration

Sketching up and rendering vector illustrations is a skill I've spent refining over the past six years for training manuals. Isometric, technical artwork for demonstrative or educational purposes is a breeze.


Publication Design

Pub layout and design were and continue to be a passion of mine. I began designing for print back in 2002 and have never lost the joy of assembling a well organized and designed book, brochure, catalog, or pamphlet.

Web Design

One part informatics, one part hierarchical structure (emphasis / delineation) , and one part seduction. When designing for the web I always try and get to the bottom line/conversion target for my clients, and optimize the ways users interface with their websites.


So much is inferred through type. Ideas, their lineages, and inferences to and from those aspects of thought bleed through the ink. Typography is the missing half of the love letter you're compelled to send. Typography is that half I'm compelled to author on your behalf.

Digital Painting

I've dabbled with digital painting over the years. At the moment it's one of the skills I've prioritized at enhancing for the sake of the demands of conceptual industrial design work or complementing subject matters of more technically oriented illustration.


My first paid job in the industry was in pre-press. Pre-flight and file preparation is an absolutely mandatory criterion when I produce any type of work. I would never want to put a pre-press operator in a snarl over incomplete, or improperly prepared files. It's foremost a courtesy, and secondly a cost-saving tool I've retained in my skillset.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design, e.g. design that accommodates any screen is easier to produce than ever. Combined with thoughtful UX testing, conversion strategies, purposeful layouts, and advanced CSS3 techniques, I can make some humming websites that look great on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Technical & Copy Writing

Technical writing didn't come naturally at first, but in the years since I've been developing training, I've developed a strong, no-nonsense technical writing capacity. This sentence, with all of its embellishments, is not a strong example of such a skill. It is better suited to the latter of the two writing styles listed above.


About Me


I’m Graphic and web designer. I’m one with over ten years of experience in visual communication, print production, and post-production, as well as web development in WordPress content management systems (CMS).

I currently work at AM General Military Training’s department for over 6 years and have been supporting their visual communication, illustration, and conceptual development. As well as departmental marketing, file presentation, file system management.

About Us

Andrew Kirksey is a graphic and web designer in the Chicagoland area. Originally from the Ohio River valley, his interests include hiking, painting, photography, and pseudo-intellectual conversations about the fabric of the universe, parroting interesting snippets of information from writers way smarter than him.

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